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Light Talk with The Lumen Brothers

LIGHT TALK is a place where lighting designers can feel free to express what really annoys them about the industry, lighting education, and the art of stage lighting design. Inspired by the beloved NPR radio show, "CAR TALK", LIGHT TALK features the musings and rantings of David Jacques, Stan Kaye, and Steve Woods. These three designers have been lighting the stages of the world for many, many decades. Burnt out and abused by the industry and the insanity of the profession, Stan, Steve, and David have escaped to the hallowed halls of academia where they wildly and fearlessly pontificate to innocent students of the art. LIGHT TALK takes these rantings to the world. Look for our weekly Pod Cast discussing the issues of our time. Nothing is Taboo, Nothing is Sacred, and very little makes sense. Welcome to LIGHT TALK!

Feb 12, 2022

In this episode of LIGHT TALK, The Lumen Brothers discuss everything from the Olympic Opening Ceremonies to Rockin' the Schul!
Join Zak, Steve, and David, as they pontificate about: Zak's son's Bar Mitzvah; Justin at NYU; The mistakes of rushing to scrap tungsten fixtures in leu of LED; New IP65 LED fixtures; How to clearly communicate lighting cue placements to the stage manager; How to manipulate the power of the console to create more precise cue placements; Backtiming; What to do when projections take over tech, and overwhelms other design elements; Knowing when to stop; Another European destination; Our review of the Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies; 11,600 Square meters of HD LED Tiles!; Choreographing content for the camera; Human beings becoming pixels; No More Imagine Drones; and Fishy Rock n' Roll.
Nothing is Taboo, Nothing is Sacred, and Very Little Makes Sense.